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Clinical Solutions

We handle all advance diagnostics, pre & post natal, identify presence of forensic materials, with the latest technology for faster and detailed analysis.

We would cater to hospitals, pathology labs, diagnostic centers and clinical pharma companies.

What we could do for you

  • Improve precision of analysis and deliver highest quality results of clinical search and lab solutions.
  • Help develop new forms of tests for different medical and forensic purposes.
  • Clinical research labs need solutions, devices and methods that deliver accurate, and reliable results at a very high level of productivity.
  • Enable solutions to meet the demanding tasks of forensic and clinical research.

Analytical Solutions

Are you looking for GMO testing kits?

Are you interested in early detection of food pathogens, in the manufacturing plants for dairy and dairy products, processed foods and packaged foods?

We also provide solution for water testing.

Are you looking for detection of toxic elements in your samples using MALDI-TOF?

Our applied solutions enable 100% compliances mandatory for certifications, to improve quality processes, to have consistently high quality output.

Research Solutions

We will tackle anything related to life, in cell and molecular biology.

Who would need our solutions and services

  • Research institutes facilitating Projects, Thesis for PHD, Government and Autonomous Universities.

What we could do for you

  • Recommend latest solutions for the rapidly and constantly changing field of Life Science.
  • Enable efficient and faster development of innovative molecular research methods as well as small and large molecular therapeutics.
  • Drive therapeutical advancements, managing costs, expanding analytical capabilities and significantly increasing productivity.

Our process

Defining customers requirements

Propose the best technology

Install the new

Train the clients

Analyze the samples and summarize findings

Manage the dashboard until client is self reliant

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