BioServe-India utilizes the MerMade IV and MerMade 192E Oligonucleotide Synthesizers manufactured by BioAutomation to meet the challenge of synthesizing quality oligonucleotides at a reasonable price.

The MerMade oligonucleotide synthesizers are designed to synthesize two standard 96-well plates of oligonucleotides in a single run using standard phosphoramidite chemistry. The machines are capable of making a combination of standard, degenerate, or modified oligos in a single plate. The reaction scale can be varied from 5 to 100 nmol.  Typical run time can vary from 3- 8 hours for two plates of 20mer oligonucleotides.  Oligos up to 100 bases in length have been made with a coupling efficiency in excess of 98%.
There are three main hardware components in the MerMade synthesizers: the iinner reaction chamber, the outer chamber, and the motion/injection system. The two 96 well plates are placed inside two separate vacuum chucks which are then placed into the inner chamber. This outer chamber is of sufficient size to accommodate the full motion of the X-Y table. The injection head is mounted on the top of the outer chamber lid and the XY chamber, controlled by the computer and moves the plates around under the injection head. The two chambers ensure the process takes place in a moisture free and chemically inert environment. During the course of synthesis, argon gas is continually introduced into the inner chamber and the small gap at the top of the chamber guarantees a constant flow of gas through the chamber.

Typical applications of the oligonucleotides are for use in polymerase chain reactions (PCR), microarray experiments, dye terminator sequencing reactions, hybridization, and reverse transcriptase PCR.
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