Merck Millipore Millipore offers the Calbiochem® brand of high quality small molecules, inhibitors and essential biochemicals that have been cited in thousands of peer-reviewed publications. Choose from a wide selection of inhibitors, activators, signaling pathway panels, and general lab biochemicals.
Inhibitors & Biochemicals
Calbiochem® Inhibitors
Research Essential Biochemicals
Research Essential biochemicals are basic components in a wide range of applications. Lay the foundation for publication quality results by using highest quality Calbiochem® reagents.

Choose from a wide selection of:
> Antibiotics
> Buffers
> Detergents
> Dyes
> Stains
> Substrates
Inhibitors and other small molecules are critical for studying cell signaling and other mechanisms that control cell fate, function and phenotype. Use highly cited Calbiochem® inhibitors for best results.

Choose from a wide selection of:
> Inhibitors & Antagonists
> Inducers & Agonists
> Libraries & Pathway Panels
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