Multiplex & Immunoassays
A complete picture of biology is more than the sum of individual analytes. To help you put the pieces together, we’ve built the largest portfolio of immunoassays for both soluble and intracellular biomarkers and a complete spectrum of Luminex® instruments. Immunoassays are manufactured to our gold standards, giving you the same accuracy and precision in every lot, backed by our knowledgeable technical support scientists.
MILLIPLEX® MAP Multiplex Assays, ELISAs and RIAs
Discover the best, most relevant biomarker assays for metabolism, immunology, toxicity, signaling and other research areas. All biomarker assays give you the same accuracy and precision in every lot.

Choose from a wide selection of:
> MILLIPLEX® MAP Multiplex Assay Kits
> Online Ordering - Design & Price Your Kits
Luminex® Multiplexing Instruments
As a Luminex® partner, we are a preferred distributor of Luminex® instruments. Get the maximum power of Luminex xMAP® technology for biomarker screening and protein analysis.

Choose from:
> MAGPIX® System
> Luminex 200™ System
> FLEXMAP 3D® System
Multiplex Assay Analysis Software
A combination software package enabling you to manage, track and analyze your multiplex assays rapidly and efficiently, giving you more time to focus on advancing your research.

Choose from:
> MILLIPLEX® Analyst Software
> xPONENT® Software
Custom Biomarker Assay Services
Consultation and services for proven biomarker analysis and assay validation, including fit-for-purpose strategies coupled with GxP compliance, from research to clinical trials and beyond.

Choose your strategy:
> Custom Assay Development
> Biomarker Assay Validation
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