Bioinnovations in partnership with world leading service providers and uses a combination of NGS platforms like Illumina (Hiseq, Next seq, Miseq)/ Lifetech( Ion torrent, Ion proton) and provides Next generation sequencing and analysis of data in a Comprehensive time and cost effective way with zero compromise on quality and value.
Whole genome Sequencing
Whole genome sequencing for an organism whose reference genome is not available. The Genomic DNA of the organism is fragmented and a library is constructed out of it using standard protocol and then sequenced. Bioinformatics tools can be used for construction of the reads into contigs and further for the assembly and annotation
Whole genome Resequencing
Resequencing genomes where a reference genome is available. The genome is randomly sheared and libraries constructed for sequencing and aligned against the reference genome.
Whole Transcriptome Sequencing ( mRNA profiling)
Isolate RNA, reverse transcribe generate cDNA libraries with appropriate adapters to create
Expression profiling and differential gene expression analysis
Novel gene discovery, splice pattern and SNPs discovery
Small RNA Sequencing ( mirNA, siRNA, non-coding RNA)
Isolate small RNA from sample of interest and  prepare DNA libraries suitable for Next
   generation sequencing
Perform analysis to identify small RNA and other non-coding RNA
Targeted or Amplicon Sequencing
Target capture of regions of interest from genomes using custom or standard capture probes
   from Agilent/ Nimblegen / illumina  or other sources
Generate libraries and analyze data to identify variations ( mutations)
Agilent Sure select and Haloplex custom diagnostic panels up to 25 MB target size
Human Exome sequencing
Human Exome sequencing using targeted capture is selective sequencing of coding (Exons)  and 
    UTR regions if human genome  after  the Exome has been efficiently captured
Ready Exome capture tools are available from Agilent, illumina and  Nimblegen
Custom designed panels for human Exome capture and  other gene of  interest
Metagenomic profiling
Metagenomic is the study of microorganism communities from different environments. Using NGS, we can investigate microbial communities by sequencing any marker gene of choice (16SrRNA), the whole genome or transcriptome without the need for culturing individual microbial species.
ChIP sequencing (BS-seq, MedIP-seq)
Capture DNA of interest using appropriate antibody
prepare libraries suitable for next gen sequencing
Analysis for detection of active binding sites
Methylation Sequencing( epigenetic analysis)
Interrogate Methylation status of DNA
Treat DAN with bi-sulfate, prepare DNA libraries suitable for next gen sequencing
Compare sequence from treated and untreated samples to identify methylated regions
Genotyping with ddRAD sequencing (GBS)
Employs the usage of two restriction enzymes to cut the DNA into smaller fragments
A highly inexpensive method for Genotyping in Model and Non-model species
Genetic marker discovery, QTL mapping, Local genome assembly, linkage mapping etc
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