Process Monitoring Tools
Membrane Filters (Non sterile, sterile and Hydrophobic Edge membranes)
Membrane Dispenser and EZ - Pak membrane filters
Manifolds and Filtration Devices
Vacuum Filtration Pumps
Silt Density Index, Water Test Kit and Incubators
Ampoule and Bottled Media
Filter Forceps, Pad dispenser, Petri Dishes and Petrislides dish
Swabs , Samplers, Online filtaration system and consumables

Rapid Microbial Detection system
Milliflex Quantum, EZ- Fluo and Milliflex rapid system
Mycoplasma sample preparation kit - milli prep

Sterility Testing
Sterility Testing  Pumps
Sterility Media and rinse fluids
Sterility Testing  Canisters

Environmental Monitoring 
Viable Air Sampling Systems and Accessories

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