Protein Sample Preparation
Extraction, Purification and Concentration of Proteins and Nucleic Acids Instead of arduous protein purification protocols, focus your efforts on exciting  proteome analyses. From protein extraction and protein purification, to protein concentration and desalting, we facilitate every step of your sample preparation  workflow with ultrafiltration devices, magnetic beads, extraction kits and more.
Protein Extraction
Disrupt the cells or tissue sample and extract the relevant protein fraction.

Choose from products including:
> BugBuster®
> Benzonase® Nuclease
> ProteoExtract® Kits
Protein Purification
Reduce background by removing interfering sample components and nonspecifically-binding proteins.

Choose from a wide selection of:
> Amicon Pro
> Magnetic & Agarose Beads
> Cleavage Enzymes
Fast and gentle protein buffer exchange,
sample desalting and dialysis.

Choose from products including:
> Dialyzers
> Diafiltrators
Protein Concentration
Ensure that the protein is in its native, soluble form,
dissolved in the buffer of choice, and at an appropriate

Choose from products including:
> Centrifugal Filters
> Filter Plates
> Dialyzers & Diafiltrators
Featured Application
FREE Amicon® Rotor Conversion Chart - May the g-Force be with you!

Do you know your RPM? Easily convert
g-Force to RPM using our new Conversion Chart. Post it in your lab for easy reference.
Featured DNA Concentration Filter
Microcon® DNA Fast Flow Filter Optimized for the concentration and recovery of genomic DNA.
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