BioInnovations is team of Young and enthusiastic professionals from diverse field of Lifesciences. Connecting technologies to Life is our mission. We are a group of Biologist, Bioinformaticians and Engineers continuously striving to support Life by providing our immense expertise to solve problems in Laboratory. We work closely with customers to help address complex laboratory demands.

Our instruments, software, services and consumables address the full range of scientific and laboratory needs

We at BioInnovations has grown from a start-up to most preferred solution provider in field of Laboratory business, We have provided solutions to more then 1000 laboratories across India. We support our client from selection of technology , training there team member and executing the project till Publication or Report.

We provide solutions for test of genetic diseases, discover new drugs and develop new treatment models tailored to specific needs of individual patients, Food safety, Food authentication.

Whether a laboratory is engaged in Analytical testing, Clinical testing,Public health, Forensic testing, environmental testing, academic research, biopharmaceuticals, food testing or petrochemicals, BioInnovations provides comprehensive laboratory solutions to meet there demand.

BioInnovations is engaged in Marketing, product promotion and distribution of Lifesciences, Analytical and Clinical products in India. BioInnovations provide products and services for Mass spectrometry (MALDI Biotyper, Tissue Typer, ToxTyper, qTOF), Microarray, Realtime PCR, Next Generation Sequencing, Automated Electrophoresis, Imaging, Cell biology, Molecular Pathology.

Sanger Sequencing, protein sequencing, Oligo / Primer synthesis, Microarray services,NGS Services, Bacterial Identification services, 16s profiling , Pathogen Testing, GMO testing, expression profiling, aCGH microarray , SNP Genotyping, gene quantification, and functional genomics.