By advancing progress in life science by decoding the biological information from genes to genomes, sequencing technologies have revolutionized the fields from cancer research. genetic health, agriculture to microbiome. Due to their broad range utilities ranging from genome and transcriptome sequencing to epigenetic analysis, sequencing techniques especially the high throughput Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) technologies have broadened the understanding of complex biological systems for people from a diverse scientific research background, educational institutes or those focusing on real-world applications such as disease surveillance and environmental monitoring.

Bioinnovations provides a comprehensive solution to help you develop a state-of-art sequencing laboratory, not only by offering you a wide range of sequencing technologies, but also by providing reagents right from PCR to library preparation kits for NGS techniques, utilized in diverse but not restricted to whole genome, whole exome and metagenome sequencing. Our services include a complete workflow right from nucleic acid extraction, Sample QC, Library preparation, Sequencing, Data analysis and Interpretation, while we also provide the necessary reagents and kits for these crucial steps.

We also offer an end-to-end solution for gene panels for cancer, reproductive health, and constitutional disease research. With our bioinformatics team on-board, with inter-disciplinary and diverse expertise, we have been providing pragmatic solutions to the data analysis demands in the field of genomics, metagenomics (including microbial profiling) and transcriptomics. Bioinnovations strongly believes in innovation driven research, and thus in addition, we are always willing to help in developing customized and application based solutions.

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Molecular Biology research has evolved through a continuous process of development of advanced technologies. DNA Microarray is one such technology which enables the researchers to investigate and address issues which were once seemed to be unachievable. This quick and efficient technology has empowered the scientific community to understand the fundamental aspects underlining the growth and development of biological systems. It has tremendously helped to explore the genetic causes of abnormalities occurring in the functioning of the human metabolism and physiology. Microarray technology has been proven to be an efficient technology, not only in cancer research but also in globally known mega projects such as the pharmacogenetics of Cardiovascular Disease Therapy, Scanning populations for rare variants, complex disease genomics, agro- and cytogenomics. It also has applications in clinical sector such as reproductive health, while Chromosomal Microarray Analysis (CMA) is most widely used as first tier of test for Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and Developmental Delay (DD).

Microarray technology has been utilized in multiple ways ranging from expression and mutation analysis to Comparative Genomic Hybridization (CGH). Considering the current research trends and demands, Bioinnovations offers Microarray systems, Array slides, and reagents, technical support including the software management and also Microarray services for aCGH+SNP analysis, gene expression, miRNA, Epigenetics, including the support for the development of customized arrays. With our strong expertise and experience, we have been propelling progress in both medical and academic sectors by providing microarray services which include:

  • Chromosomal Microarray
  • Gene Expression Microarray

Moreover, we also offer customized solutions by proving support all through the pipeline right from experimental design and sample logistics to high-end data analysis including data normalization, differential expression analysis, and ordination and clustering analysis.

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Gene amplification and quantification is an essential tool in the Molecular Biology labs with a wide range of applications. With an elegant design and robust engineering, thermal cyclers have been evolved as more flexible systems with broad applications ranging up to diagnostics. Bioinnovations provides robust Thermal cycler systems compatible for high throughput, high cycling speeds and flexible reaction volumes, a wide range of gradient temperature and most importantly with user interface and software that have remote access facilities and pre-loaded protocols for your routine work. We also offer, highly robust and easy to use real-time PCR (qPCR) instruments with several fluorescence detection chemistries including fluorogenic probe systems, high-end user interface and data analysis tools. We also offer a wide range of high fidelity and routine enzyme kits, qPCR-based specialty kits and reagents including references and controls for various qPCR applications.

Bioinnovations is involved in designing and developing kits for applications in GMO testing, Food pathogen testing and veterinary infectious diseases. We have been offering qPCR kits in the agricultural sector such as the kits for quantitative methods to identify and quantitate GMO content in Soya and Maize. Besides, we provide specially designed kits for veterinary sciences such as quantitative methods for detection and quantitative analysis of BHV-1 causing Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis (IBR), pathogens such as Clostridium and Brucella and also for high-resolution detection techniques of A1/A2 milk. With our expertise and experience for years in molecular biology techniques we are also committed to developing advanced and customized conventional and qPCR kits in diagnostics.

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Automated Gel Electrophoresis

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology has transformed the experimental approaches in life sciences. This technology now stands inevitable due to its high throughput and reliability; however, assessing the quality and quantity of nucleic acids remains the most critical step in the workflow of this technology. Initial quality check is an effective way of identifying samples with low quality and quantity nucleic acids due to fragmentation or degradation. Assessment of the overall quality of prepared libraries is a prerequisite for optimizing the cluster generation during sequencing.

The automated electrophoresis solutions developed in recent years such as the DNA, RNA and protein analyzers including the fragment analyzer are effectively offering the quality and quantity check of these vital biomolecules. With a provision of the highly advanced digital assessment techniques such as the RINe (RIN equivalent) and DIN (DNA Integrity Number), this technology is not only useful in NGS workflow but also possesses high potential in optimizing gene expression, biopharmaceutical, and genotyping workflows.

We offer a range of automated electrophoresis solutions that will help streamline the experimental pipeline based on user-defined applications. Bioinnovations boosts your research by offering a variety of automated electrophoresis instruments with all the necessary kits and reagents, parts and accessories and the required software. Our highly skilled and experienced team provides end-to-end solutions to improve the data quality significantly, thus making the overall process cost-effective and less time-consuming.

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Mass Spectrophotometry

Innovations in Mass Spectrometry (MS) technology has pushed the capabilities of scientific explorations to the next levels, enabling researchers to gain more profound insights into the current analytical challenges. The recent advancements in the smart beam and scanning lasers of the mass spectrometers, have improved the capabilities of these systems and has broadened their applications. With the high-resolution typing systems, the newly designed MS systems are widely used in molecular histology, taxonomic identification, detection of toxic compounds and several other applications.

Bioinnovations offers you a range of MS based typing solutions such as the BioTyper, ToxTyper, and TissueTyper systems. The MALDI BioTyper systems have been proven as an efficient tool in clinical microbiology, pharmaceutical microbiology, food and beverage industry for QC, and veterinary microbiology enabling rapid taxonomic identification. The ToxTyper systems based on the LC-MS technology provide an effective way for rapid toxicology screening with its comprehensive library of toxic compounds. The TissueTyper systems with the novel and easy-to-use technology have a broad application not only in clinical diagnostics but in various other fields of life science. The ‘TissueTyper’ systems are high performance systems with integrated software solutions that enable you to carry out studies from individual imaging to complete clinical biomarker studies. All these high-end solutions are offered with the integrated software systems that help you to carry out all the necessary data analysis using univariate and multivariate analysis.

We offer a complete end-to-end solution both in person and remote access technical support from the highly skilled professionals for troubleshooting and resolving software and hardware related issues. Besides, we also provide the necessary reagents and accessories for these MS based typing systems.

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Biomolecular Imaging

With the recent advancements in imaging technology, optical solutions, and newly developed robust software and hardware integration, biomolecular imaging systems have been playing a crucial role in the field of molecular biology. We offer a wide range of documentation systems such as UV Fluorescence & colorimetry, Chemi-luminescence & EPI Fluorescence systems. These highly sensitive systems with multiple options in optics, illuminations, and trans-illumination are upgradable and thus serve in a variety of applications ranging from imaging of DNA, RNA and protein gels, GFP colonies, TLC plates, western blots to the advanced technique of in-vivo imaging of the nanoparticles, for studying drug delivery systems.

Bioinnovations offers you highly sensitive and high-quality imaging solutions equipped with the state-of-art and fully automated multi-wavelength technology for a variety of applications. This range of user-friendly, multimodal and fully upgradable platforms, from the globally renowned imaging specialists, will help you to boost your research with highly reliable data images.

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Since its inception in the 1950s, Flow cytometry as a technique has evolved substantially and has now become a standard and an irrefutable laboratory tool that provides rapid analysis of multiple characteristics of single cells. From its ability to measure the cells in a solution it has moved beyond and is now an established and efficient technique with utilities ranging from measurements of cell size, cytoplasmic complexity, DNA or RNA content to a wide range of membrane-bound and intracellular proteins. Flow cytometry coupled with cell sorting systems and with its advanced technique of ‘Immunophenotyping’ using specific, fluorescently labeled antibodies, is now used widely in the applications not only in hematology but has broad applications in fields such as clinical immunology, Toxicologic Pathology, Diagnostics, Neuro-oncology, etc.

Bioinnovations offers:

  • Flow cytometry and cell sorter systems
  • Flow cytometry software
  • Flow cytometry reagents

We provide a complete solution that helps streamline your workflows right from instrument operations to data analysis. With our highly efficient and innovative solutions, we have been supporting research in hemato-oncology, immune monitoring, infectious disease, stem cell analysis and services in clinical diagnostics. Our team is devoted to offering both customized and optimized solutions in clinical diagnostics, clinical and basic research.

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